Toykyo Kids was started in 2009 by creative agency Toykyo,
graffiti artist Bué and An Oost and the brand stands for quality
combined with creativity and personality.
It all began with a unisex streetwear collection for kids from 2 till 12
years, but soon Toykyo Kids started exploring the world of accessories,
furniture and other objects of everyday use.

Toykyo is a Belgian graphic agency, that has an original and positive
view on the world of design and publicity. They decided to explore
yet another market, that of children's clothing, and started this
collaboration with An Oost and Bué.

Bue is a famous graffiti artist who spends most of his time by
travelling around the world to turn this gray world into a more
colorful and funny environment. His walls and art make people
think and smile.

An Oost was part of the famous Belgian Wave, when in the year
2000 the fashion scene was invaded by the Belgian and not so
typical models. After giving birth to her daughter Holly in 2008 she
was totally ready to help Toykyo and Bue with creating the
children's collection.